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After the Pandemic

Life is returning to normal. Mask mandates are lifted, borders are open. Enjoy life once again, we are told. And we do, but something lingers. 

Two years ago my mother died from Covid. Millions of people share a similar experience. While we move on, or back, from the pandemic, grief over those lost pulls at us and our new found hope. 

Each rock in this piece represents 100,000 people who died from Covid. There are 68 rocks. This number is an undercount, and more are added each day. 

How do we grieve such a staggering loss? How do we balance the tension between our eagerness for joy and the necessary sorrow? Our grief is still in the room. 

Special thanks to Mehran Mesbah at The InsideOut and to Karl Fye and Linda Marie for production support. 

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